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If the world is ever going to come to peace,
humanity can no longer be recognized 
on a case by case basis.


News 12/23/10 - 01/03/11

Posted on January 3, 2011 at 9:16 PM

Israel further institutionalizes racism toward Palestinian citizens

Mel Frykberg, The Electronic Intifada, 3 January 2011


BDS 2010: More Powerful Than The Sword

by Eric Walberg / December 29th, 2010



Jesus Recruited: God-TV Helps Israel Oust Bedouin



+972 Magazine’s Person of the Year: Abdullah Abu Rahmah

Thursday, December 30 2010|+972blog

Why did we choose Abdullah Abu Rahmah?.... Because he is the answer to the question, “Where is thePalestinian Gandhi?” (answer: there are many; and they are languishing in Israel’s jails).


Interim Forever!

By Uri Avnery Saturday, 01 January 2011 15:46


Wikileaks: Israel Plans Total War on Lebanon, Gaza

Posted on 01/02/2011 by Juan

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has summarized an Israeli military briefing by Israeli Chief of Staff Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi of a US congressional delegation a little over a year ago



Artists protest against rabbis' letter

Writer organizing protest says 'racial dictatorship' overtaking Israel will annul its right to exist

Stav Spivak Published:     01.02.11, 19:30 / Israel News


UN office concerned by West Bank deaths

Published Sunday 02/01/2011 JERUSALEM (Ma'an)

The office of UN Middle East envoy Robert Serry on Sunday expressed concern over the deaths of two Palestinians in 48 hours in incidents involving the Israeli army.


The struggle for East Jerusalem

Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem are waging a campaign of popular resistance against Israeli land confiscation.


In Israel, Non-Violent Solidarity Activist Goes to Prison, Anti-Gay Terrorist Gets Community Service

On 12.28.10, By Max Blumenthal


Students for Justice in Palestine condemns US government witch hunt

Press release, Students for Justice in Palestine, 29 December 2010

As students at over fifty American universities, we unequivocally condemn the abuse of grand jury subpoenas to chill the exercise of First Amendment rights by university students and anti-war activists speaking and organizing against Israel's continued oppression of the Palestinian people.


Israel's Qassam strikes on Gaza

Vilnai is depending on Israelis' total indifference to our Qassams: our soldiers' nearly daily firing on Gaza civilians, regularly wounding and sometimes killing them.

By Amira Hass


Jonathan Pollak’s Speech Before the Israeli Court That Sentenced Him to Jail for Unlawful Assembly

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jonathan Pollak was convicted and sentenced to three months in jail yesterday – for riding a bicycle in a demonstration that he did not organize, nor was anybody else arrested. Why Pollak, then?  


Bilin protestor's mother 'not seeking revenge'

Sulhia Abu Rahma, who lost two of her children in clashes with IDFsoldiers, insists on conveying message of peace to people of Israel. 'I have four children left,' she says. 'Like all human beings, we want to live, not to die'


Please, not again

Dec 29th 2010

Without boldness from Barack Obama there is a real risk of war in the Middle East


Tears and gas: a call to mobilise

Getting nowhere at home, Israel's Palestine solidarity activists push a global call for action.

Jesse Rosenfeld and Joseph Dana Last Modified: 03 Jan 2011 10:31 GMT


Is Israel Using Lethal Tear Gas to Disperse Demonstrations?

Monday, 03 January 2011 16:01 Tania Kepler for the Alternative Information Center (AIC)

Anyone familiar with Palestinian anti-Wall demonstrations knows that Israel’s use of tear gas is a regular occurrence. The Israeli military uses both long and short range powder and gas tear gas canisters as a means of crowd dispersal.





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