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Selected News 1/22 - 1/29/2011

Posted on January 22, 2011 at 10:03 PM

Story of Israeli troops told to 'cleanse' Gaza

Israeli soldiers tell Channel 4 News they were ordered to "cleanse" Palestinian neighbourhoods, as filmmaker Nurit Kedar says "the atmosphere was that nobody should talk about this war".



People are being hauled out by police and beaten'

Jack Shenker, the Guardian's reporter in Cairo, was beaten by police alongside protesters last night. He recorded the experience as they were driven in the dark through the city



A filmmaker has received death threats after a report on Channel 4 News showed Israeli soldiers claiming they had been told to "cleanse" Gaza during the 2008-9 conflict.



Israeli settlers 'shoot Palestinian teen' near Nablus

An 18-year-old shepherd has died after being shot by Israeli settlers near the West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian officials say.


Palestine Does Not Have to be a Lost Cause

By Alan Hart

January 26, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- -- The most sickening (I mean truly vomit inducing) thing about the Al Jazeera revelations, the so-called Palestine Papers, is not what they confirm about the quisling status of the impotent and corrupt Palestine Authority. Nor is it what they confirm about the Israeli leadership’s complete lack of interest in peace on terms other than those which require the Palestinians to surrender – to abandon their struggle for even an acceptable minimum amount of justice. What then is the most sickening thing?



Hanan Ashrawi: Palestinians, America and the U.N.

Palestinians are well within their rights to bring the issue of Israeli settlements and their illegality before the United Nations Security Council. Our decision to do so follows both Israel’s refusal to cease all settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territory, and America’s failure to ensure Israel’s compliance with international law and existing agreements. The United States should support such a move, not block it




Introducing The Palestine Papers

Al Jazeera has obtained more than 1,600 internal documents from a decade of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.


Coverage of the Palestine Papers by UK Gaurdian


The Palestine papers: The story behind the Palestine papers

How 1,600 confidential Palestinian records of negotiations with Israel from 1999 to 2010 came to be leaked to al-Jazeera


Lieberman drafts own map of future Palestinian borders

According to a Foreign Ministry official, Lieberman believes Israel must take the diplomatic initiative by proposing a Palestinian state in provisional borders.Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has drafted a map of a Palestinian state in provisional borders. The map would essentially "freeze the existing situation in the territories, with minor changes," a senior Foreign Ministry official said.


The Palestine Papers: It’s Not Just What Was Conceded; But What Israel Rejected

It will be a few days before anyone can offer a thorough reaction or analysis of the more than 1600 confidential documents, known as the Palestine Papers, leaked to Aljazeera about Israeli-Palestinian negotiations spanning a decade. But an initial reaction is warranted to the central revelation made in these documents, namely the unprecedented territorial compromises made by Palestinian negotiators on East Jerusalem and the fact that they were turned down by the Israelis.


News for sad Jews

In the past two years, over 3,000 trees in Palestinian villages have been destroyed or stolen. When volunteers celebrated Tu Bishvat by planting trees in Maghar, near Ramallah, settlers slammed the event


US trying to stop UN resolution against West Bank settlements

Washington is desperately trying to head off a United Nations resolution condemning Jewish settlements in Jerusalem and the disputed West Bank territories that is presenting Barack Obama with one of the most acute dilemmas of his presidency.


Israel set to build more homes on annexed land

JERUSALEM, Jan 17 (Reuters) - Israel's Jerusalem municipality took another step on Monday towards building 124 new apartments on annexed land around East Jerusalem, a move likely to draw international condemnation.  The municipal planning committee authorised construction of 92 flats in East Talpiot in the southern part of Jerusalem and 32 in Pisgat Zeev to the north. Israel calls both areas Jewish "neighbourhoods" built on land it annexed following a 1967 war.



Al-Araqib residents expelled to make way for trees

On Sunday, January 16th, 2011, the Israel Lands Administration (ILA) accompanied by a heavy police presence destroyed the Bedouin village of Al Araqib for the 9th time since its total destruction in July 2010. During the village's destruction the police forces used large amounts of violent force, including sponge bullets (a police method of crowd dispersal) which injured eleven of the residents, one of them in his eye.  This time it seems that the ILA has decided to expel the residents once and for all. This is corroborated by statements made by Shlomo Zeiser, the ILA officer in charge of inspection ... The ongoing demolitions are not a coincidence. They are part of The 30 Day Plan, which is the plan to rid the Negev of its Bedouin residents.


Protest Held at Mercer County Plant Over Tear Gas

A Mercer County company is manufacturing and selling a type of tear gas to law enforcement agencies around the world.  Monday, a group of protesters gathered outside of that facility, upset that the company is allegedly selling that product to Israeli military forces who are in turn using it against Palestinians.  Combined Systems Incorporated, or CSI, based in Jamestown, Pa., manufactures and sells what they call less-lethal weapons to law enforcement.


Gaza children 'at risk' near border

New report says 26 children killed by Israeli troops near the border in 2010, while the blockade is 'ravaging' economy.


Israeli navy fire damages dozens of Palestinian fishing boats

Israeli navy gunboats opened machinegun fire at dozens of Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, on Monday night, a PIC reporter said.



Medvedev: As we did in 1988, Russia still recognizes an independent Palestine

Russian president makes announcement after meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas in West Bank; Israeli officials fear recognition will cause a domino effect of other states following Russia's lead, including China.


Braverman to Haaretz: Lieberman harmed Israel's relations with its Arab citizens

Labor's Minority Affairs minister, who resigned from the government on Monday, says present goal is to 'topple the regime of Netanyahu, Lieberman, Barak.'



Rabbi: Lower marriage age to 15

Initiator of new bill says legislation would financially help large families, curtail sexual offenses. 'Girls who do not want to study or work are a burden to the household,' says Rabbi Asher Idan.



'Sumoud' in Palestine: To Exist is to Resist, Kim Bullimore

On Tuesday, the Israeli military demolished the dreams of a family of five in the Palestinian village of Azzoun Atma. At 8.30am, on January 11, more than 100 Israeli soldiers surrounded their home, forced them onto the street and then locked them in the neighouring house for the next three and half hours. As “the most moral army in the world” stood guard around the neighbouring house, ensuring the family could do nothing to stop what was about to happen, a heavily armoured Caterpillar bulldozer smashed down the walls of the home they had lived in for more than 8 years. The Israeli occupation forces then made their way to the other side of the village and demolished a farm house belonging to another family, along with their agricultural pens.


Israel's 'disobedient women' questioned over illegal trips for Palestinians

Days out to Israel for West Bank women and children come under police scrutiny amid fears of rising intolerance



Study: 61% of men don't see forced sex with acquaintance as rape

Over half of Israeli men - 61 percent - do not consider forcing sex on an acquaintance as rape, a study conducted by Tel-Hai Academic College recently found. Moreover, 41 percent of Israeli women share that view.


Israel 'has 150 nuclear weapons'

Ex-US President Jimmy Carter has said Israel has at least 150 atomic weapons in its arsenal.

The Israelis have never confirmed they have nuclear weapons, but this has been widely assumed since a scientist leaked details in the 1980s.



The documentary Israel vs Israel is a film about Jewish peace activists who in both words and actions take a stand again 40 years of occupation and illegal settlements.


Artists playing Tel Aviv should insist on Palestinians attending

The debate regarding the cultural boycott of Israel is framed around the wrong questions


Israelis target Macy Gray with racist diatribes AFTER she agrees to play Tel Aviv

By Max Blumenthal


Prominent Americans send letter to Obama urging vote for UN resolution on settlements

Washington Post editor slams signatories as "Israel bashers"

A letter from an array of concerned policy commentators and practitioners, academics, and former government officials about the resolution pending at the United Nations Security Council on illegal Israeli settlements in Occupied Territory has just been released.



Amjad – The Next Victim in Gaza Buffer Zone

Gaza, (PalTelegraph) - It took eight days. Eight days since the last innocent was killed. You watch people die here one after another, getting killed one by one, without consequences, without justice, without an outcry in the media. Innocent people who have never done anything wrong in their lives other than try to make a living from something amidst the stifling four year siege.


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