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Selected News Week of 3/27/11

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 9:32 PM

European countries want UN, not U.S., to advance Mideast peace talks

The Associated Press--Britain, France and Germany want the United Nations and the European Union to propose the outlines of a final settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state, UN diplomats said.


Dan Rather`s crew `humiliated by Israeli security`

Associated Press--In a letter to Israeli officials, producer says legendary anchorman`s crew held up for hours at security checks, strip-searched before interview with Deputy PM Meridor


Who is annexing Whom?

Uri Avnery--IN A rare late-night session, the Knesset has finally adopted two obnoxious racist laws. Both are clearly directed against Israels Arab citizens, a fifth of the population.


ASOI: Israel`s Latest Apartheid Law By Ilan Pappe


Those of us who have been veteran comrades in the struggle for peace and justice in Palestine have quite often been frustrated by the inability to galvanize enough support in the political and media establishments in the West against the brutal occupation of the West Bank and the strangulation of Gaza. We believed that clear cut evidence of the oppression and the highly visible criminal policies that raged since 1967 should have at least triggered a world reaction similar to the one that now takes place against Libya, and even more so.

Waves of arrests in weekly Nabi Saleh Demonstration

A day after the violent arrest of Nabi Saleh Popular Committee leader Bassem Tamimi, one Palestinian, five Israelis and three international activists were arrested in Nabi Saleh on Friday. A Palestinian cameraman and three more Israelis were briefly detained.


Officials: Israel destroys ancient wells near Bethlehem

 Israeli authorities destroyed ancient water wells and natural reservoirs used by Bedouins southeast of Bethlehem, Palestinian officials said.  A 3,000-cubic-meter well owned by Ali Madghan Rashayida and a 225-cubic meter reservoir belonging to Majid Rashayida were demolished last week, in a move Palestinian Authority officials said was illegal and "an obvious assault by the Israeli occupation."


Proposal to implement Al-Bustan demolition plan amidst upheaval in Arab world

Several high-ranking officials in the Jerusalem Municipality have submitted a proposal to city mayor Nir Barakat to begin the prospective demolition program in Al-Bustan neighborhood of Silwan. Residents of Silwan have denounced the proposal as a calculated move to execute the highly controversial plan during a time when international media attention is focused elsewhere, namely on the current uprisings in Libya, Yemen and around the Arab world. Residents dismiss officials’ notion that the demolition of large tracts of this prominent Jerusalem neighborhood could pass relatively unnoticed as naive and have asserted that were it to be implemented, it would trigger large-scale Palestinian uprisings.


Israeli sources carry out massive dawn raid

 Israeli forces stormed Silwan at dawn yesterday [Thursday], seizing 9 Palestinians from their homes. The arrested are Mohammed Saleh, Alaa Ali Awwad, brothers Sumbol and Hammouda Malhi, brothers Thaer and Faraj Khalil Mehtseb and a child from the Shyoukhi family. A child named Ashraf Shalodi was also arrested in front of the Al-Bustan protest tent on Wednesday, 23 March and two other residents, Rami Ghaith and Wisam Qawasmi, were summoned by police for interrogation.


Israel orders evacuation for Tubas-area Bedouin

Evacuation and demolition orders were handed out to a Bedouin family east of Tubas on Sunday afternoon, local officials told Ma‘an ... Nabil Mustafa Daraghmeh, the head of a Bedouin family in the Ein Al-Hilwa area outside of Tubas in the northern West Bank, was served papers demanding he and his family evacuate their tent home and move their herds elsewhere. Palestinian security officials told Ma‘an that several Israeli military patrol cars arrived in the area to serve the papers, which gave Daraghmeh one day to leave the area.


Jewish settlers uproot 21 olive trees in Salfit March 26

Jewish settlers from Alei Zahav settlement on Saturday morning uprooted about 21 olive trees in Deir Ballut town west of Salfit city. Head of the municipal council in the town Ahmed Mustafa said the settlers uprooted olive trees east of Deir Ballut belonging to a Palestinian citizen called Sami Ibraheem.


Shalev: UNGA 'Palestine' resolution may have real impact

Shalev: Israel "only just found out" about Resolution 377; same process used in 1981 to advance Namibian independence, delegitimize S. Africa -- Israel failed to realize until recently that the Palestinian bid to win United Nations General Assembly endorsement for statehood in September might not be merely declarative, but could have profound practical consequences under the provisions of a little-known UNGA resolution, Gabriela Shalev, the former Israeli ambassador to the UN, has told The Jerusalem Post.


So whose Nakba is this? / Zvi Bar'el

Haaretz 27 Mar -- Anyone who wants to erase the Nakba, water down the Palestinian collective memory and blur Land Day, will only push students deeper into a remembrance that includes all the errors, distortions and hatreds against whoever seeks to uproot that memory.


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