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humanity can no longer be recognized 
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Selected News Week of 5/15/11

Posted on May 6, 2011 at 1:06 PM


Israel Lost in Denial


The Israeli government’s sigh of relief was surely heard around the globe. When the rift between Palestinian factions existed, Israel simply brushed off any possibility for resolution of the conflict, claiming that the Palestinian president was simply too weak to implement any agreement as along as Hamas was in control of Gaza.

Supporters of justice in the Middle East need to raise their voices, lest president hears only Israel's shouting.


On the surface it appears that president Obama has given up on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and, frankly, given the evidence, it is difficult imagining that there is something different beneath the surface.

The Underlying Philosophy of Upper Nazareth


Nazerat Illit, or Upper Nazareth, is a Jewish enclave built above the Palestinian Arab city of Nazareth in the Galilee, northern Israel. 

Interactive map of Palestine villages destroyed in Nakba


The Electronic Intifada has produced this interactive map that allows you to see information about any of the more than 400 Palestinian cities, towns and villages depopulated and destroyed during the Nakba -- the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist and later Israeli forces.

Israeli Troops Open Fire On Demonstrator


At least 14 people have reportedly been killed after Israeli troops opened fire on protesters on the country's borders with Lebanon, Syria and Gaza.

Photos Nakba Day 5-15-11


Freedom Riders inspire new generation of Arab protest leaders


Joan Mulholland was watching television one day when something flashed across the screen that gave her chills.

Abbas: Blood of those killed fighting for Palestinian freedom will not go to waste


In televised address, Palestinian president says Nakba Day protests proved that 'the will of people is stronger than the power of oppressive forces.

17 year old killed during Nakba demonstrations in East Jerusalem


Israel is claiming that the minor was shot by Israeli security forces but eyewitness and activists on the ground are claiming that he was shot by private settler security guards around the large settlement, Beit Yonatan, in the heart of Silwan.

Pizzarotti: Stop Building an Israeli-only Train


An international campaign has successfully encouraged German National Railways to pull out of the Israeli construction of a train line through the West Bank.

Recognizing the reconciliation


Money aside, a PA crisis and/or collapse resulting from a boycott of the new Hamas-Fatah government could ultimately lead to further violence and chaos.

Israel has to choose: Mideast peace or apartheid


The choice is not between Hamas and Israel; the choice is between settlement-colonies or states: between accepting two states with the 1967 border or maintaining an apartheid regime.


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