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If the world is ever going to come to peace,
humanity can no longer be recognized 
on a case by case basis.


If Wishes Were Horses.....

Posted on June 18, 2011 at 1:35 AM

 Today I went to the Arab International Festival in Dearborn. Of course there is great food, and music….. It is a wonderful festival – And then there were the ‘protestors’.


A suffering soul on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven

Shouts on the news, "They are the godless ones"

The anger inside and the fear that it hides

never leave him

When the cameras are gone, when the cameras move on.


The things they shouted in the name of God, were vile. It felt like a physical assault. I can only imagine how it would feel if I were Moslem and to hear those things about my faith. I cried.


Oh, people, c'mon - tell me where is your Kingdom of Heaven?

Where is your faith?

Where do you put your fear?

Do you have a price for truth and a price for believing?

Heaven is here, heaven is here


And then something amazing happened. About five teenage Moslem girls saw my tears and surrounded me – I think one touched my shoulder. They asked why I was crying. I said this God he is yelling about – I don’t know – That God doesn’t exist.


My God is love

My God is peace

My God is you

And my God is me


They spent a few minutes with me (“Don’t cry – its OK” ) – wanting to reassure me they understood. (One said “We both believe in God – We just honor him differently”.) But, I don’t understand this man or his hate, and I don’t think I can….. I just wanted him to stop.


Star Light, Star Bright, First star I see tonight….


My last night in Galilee, just before I came home last fall, I saw a shooting star and made a wish. That wish hasn’t come true…yet. I have wished on many stars since then, and I am generally a hopeful person. I actually believe that wishes can come true; or I did……my faith is a little thin tonight.


I saw the girls several times walking around the festival after our first encounter, and they would smile at me. Those smiles, they are the stars I will wish on tonight.


I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

(Kingdom of Heaven by M. Etheridge)

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