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Selected News Week of 3/6/11

Posted on March 9, 2011 at 6:09 PM

Palestinian diplomatic status in the UK upgraded

Palestinian delegation in London to become a diplomatic mission, bringing Britain into line with several other EU countries


Bill to punish anti-Israel boycotters passes first Knesset hurdle

According to proposal, Israelis would face harsh punitive measures for such actions; controversial bill also calls for imposing sanctions on foreign nationals and groups and on states that give boycotts force of law.



Hamas announces initiative to regain national unity with Fatah

Hamas representatives said Saturday that the Islamist party is preparing a comprehensive initiative to end more than three years of internal Palestinian division.



Israel denies British volunteers entry to West Bank

Israeli authorities on Friday prevented a group of British volunteers from entering the West Bank, a peace group due to host the delegation said.



Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) interview: explains why Israel's Apartheid should be opposed

Floyd's Roger Waters talks to Riz Khan about his passionate campaign for the rights of the Palestinian people and why, more than 30 years after he wrote the globally-acclaimed album 'The Wall', he is focusing on another wall - the Israeli separation barrier in the West Bank.



Weekly protest in Shiek Jarra - Arabs / Jews / Internationals in Solidarity



Construction in West Bank settlements quadrupled since end of temporary freeze'

According to data by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, settlers began building over 114 houses during the 10-month settlement freeze, and began construction of over 427 houses since October 2010.



Why is Israel aid exempt?

As US fiscal conservatives cut food programmes for poor children, military aid for Israel is left untouched.



Palestinian boy claims police beat him

Eleven-year-old boy caught throwing stones in east Jerusalem suffers head, stomach trauma



Palestinians 'don't feel confident that Netanyahu government serious about territorial concessions'

US President Obama this week called on Jewish leaders to speak to their colleagues in Israel and to “search your souls” over Israel's seriousness about making peace, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported Wednesday.



Sixth Prison Term for Conscientious Objector Ajuad Zidan

CO Ajuad Zidan We have learned that CO Ajuad Zidan, was sentenced to 30 days of imprisonment on 27 Feb. for his refusal to enlist. This is now his sixth (!) term in prison.





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